The men’s white button up…really necessary?

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It’s considered boring, basic, plain even yet it’s crisp, classic and definitely a must have in every man’s wardrobe. What am I referring to you ask? The the incomparable white button up shirt. Many don’t recognize the significance of the white button up because it’s become so deeply integrated into our fashion culture. It’s been around for years, decades, generations…dating back to the early 19thcentury to be exact. However today we won’t delve into a textiles history lesson but instead converse about how important this item of clothing has been and I’m assuming will continue to be in the realm of men’s fashion. It has “rich” and elitist beginnings but is currently very much the norm worn by the everyday man or is it? If it’s not in your wardrobe or your man’s wardrobe (for my women readers) it most definitely should be. The versatility of the white button up does something for ensemble that most other colored shirts cannot do which is remain both timeless and always on trend.

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How can it be used with your personal style choices? It can be worn as a stark contrast with a jet black tuxedo for “black-tie” events, formals and anything needing a “traditional” look for that matter. Additionally, it can also be simple and casual under a sweater accompanied with some dark denim jeans and a sports coat. There is magic to how this one item of clothing can be so versatile. Well, in my opinion, it’s because the white button up is, for a lack of better terms, a blank canvas. And we all know what can happen when we have white space in which to create…if not check out some of my artist friends and get ready to be amazed. (Gemynii, Candy Carver). In other words, there are no limits and you can construct your style however you desire. You could leave it basic or you can douse it with plenty of color accents or anything in between and still look great (remember beauty and art is in the eye of the beholder). The white button up shirt is a foundational piece of clothing which every man needs in his closet. Purely because it’s fresh, clean and can be made to illustrate your mood and energy feel for that day or other moments in time.

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Until next time…stay Natty!


What’s in a Name…Natty Neckware

IMG_1168A name…it can explain who you are, who you want to be, where you want to go and beyond. Quite often, I’m asked about the origin of my business’s name, Natty Neckware. Let me keep it real, most people have assumed my name came about because of my personality or things I like. I have gotten questions like: Are you from Cincinnati? Did you name it after you locs (dreadlocks)? To both questions it’s an overwhelming, NO! Honestly the task of naming my business wasn’t nearly that complicated or intriguing. In fact, it was pretty simple. The formula went a little something like this:

Synonyms + Alliteration + Out the box thinking = Natty Neckware

Natty Neckware has a little bit of all these…so let me give you the answers those assumptions/questions above.

How did you come up with your business name?

Natty Neckware was conceived from the notion that I wanted a dapper look but I didn’t want to use the word “dapper” to describe it. So in came the thesaurus to reveal synonyms for this often overused popular term. Lo and behold, the word “natty” was there waiting for me to give an identity to my brand. So in the end, no long drawn out story, just a love for synonyms, alliteration and being out of the box.

What does natty mean?

Natty = fit, smart and fashionable.

Why spell neckwear like neckware?

I see accessories as statement pieces and furthermore the equivalent of wearing art around your neck. Since I’m making unique neckwear I thought it befitting that my company be called Natty Neckware.

And that was the birth of my brand…

Up next on the blog: The white button up shirt

Until next time, stay Natty…


Notably Natty but why…

cropped-img_0901.jpgWhat’s up folks! I’m Marcus, Owner and Principal Designer of Natty Neckware, a menswear apparel accessories brand, based in Durham, NC. I’ve contemplated writing a blog for years. Yeah, you read that right, for YEARS. Why am I just now getting to it? Well, that will take longer to answer than I’m willing to write about but what I will say is, fear, self-doubt and life, in general, can take you places you never thought or even wanted to go. It’s been a long road arriving at this point, believe me I’ve been living it, but it’s been worth it. I’ve lived, learned, researched and dissected menswear and design principles. Now, I’m ready more than ever before. But it’s all part of the journey, right?!?!

 Why I’m here…to fulfill a desire, a want and a need in the menswear industry. With a specific focus on great innovative design, craftsmanship and products “Made in the U.S.A”. 

 What I offer…myself, with authenticity, honesty and a keen sense of personal style or what I like to call “nattiness”.

 The menswear apparel industry is going through a metamorphosis of sorts. It’s becoming an ever evolving industry that is competing with the womenswear market. So much so, that this past summer (Summer 2015) New York City held it’s first ever ‘New York Fashion Week – Men’s’ (NYFW-Men’s). This is a fashion event, much like the renowned New York Fashion Week, except this one was exclusively dedicated to menswear designers. The most recent NYFW-Men’s was just this past week. Menswear is on the come up and you should be here for it. 

 So, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m here for menswear. At my brand, Natty Neckware, we are in the midst of a transformation where we intend to breathe new life into design philosophies with our own twist on men’s apparel. We are getting back to our core principles: creativity, great design, style, innovation and community. We are evolving and building a brand that is something everyone can be proud of. 

 This blog will contain more than just things about my brand. Future content will be a mix of all things stylish, cool, eccentric, eclectic and more!  I hope you can come along for the ride or watch from a distance but in all that you do…keep it Natty!

 Until next time, stay Natty…