Top Menswear Accounts to Follow on Instagram in 2016


If you couldn’t already tell, we love menswear. We spend an embarrassing amount of time looking at menswear on the internet, in magazines, and in person. Fortunately for the sartorially inclined, Instagram has become a visual haven for menswear, an ever-evolving and constantly updated look book. Like all good students of style, we are always on the prowl for new trends, modern twists on classic styling and, above all else, the bold, unique individuals who push menswear forward. If you’re not following these people already, please do immediately–you won’t be sorry. Without further ado

SarahAnnMurray-TheRake (1).jpg

  1. Sarah Ann Murray

If you’re sitting behind your monitor snickering and scoffing at one of our favorite menswear instagrams featuring a woman, you can get out right now. Sarah Ann Murray is Fashion Director for The Rake magazine. She’s been dazzling menswear and street style aficionados for years with her eye for classic pieces and sharp tailoring. She doesn’t shy away from bold, contrasting patterns and generally looks better in menswear than most men do. She is the living embodiment of our tagline and is 100% Natty approved.


  1. The Dressed Chest

One of our most visited Instagram feeds is that of Rainier John, better known by his handle, The Dressed Chest. His unique take on personal menswear photography gives viewers a look at the details. John excels at two things: layering (his winter posts are particularly drool-worthy) and maximizing his wardrobe. Now, I’m quite positive that his closet is a thing of beauty, and would make most grown men shed crystallized tears of childlike wonderment, but that doesn’t mean you can take the same principles and apply them to your own wardrobe. John uses lots of modern classics in a constantly revolving cycle of style. We can’t wait to see what he’ll be wearing next. The best part? He includes the brands in the descriptions so you can shop his looks.


Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher is the creator of the influential men’s style blog, I AM GALLA. From his website: “In the menswear world, Gallagher stands out due to his exceptional ability to blend his native California aesthetic with a sharp New York approach to fashion.” While we’re not entirely sure what this means, we guess it’s a mingling of his beach boy good looks with a focus on clean and crisp suiting. Plenty of frame-filling food exposés, travel pictures, and selfies to round out the mix.

Giampaolo Alliata

We love grandpa style. We also love stylish grandpas. The overlap of this venn diagram is Giampaolo Alliata. If we look one third as hip and well-dressed as this man when we’re his age, we will thank whatever god presides over men’s fashion. His Instagram is the perfect combination of outfits drenched in classic cool, staged motorcycle shots, and the occasional dinner selfie make this instagram one to hang onto for style tips.

Akihiko Nishi


With an ambitious Instagram handle like Gatsby_Osaka (an allusion to the dapper gents from The Great Gatsby), Akihiko Nishi has quite a reputation to live up to. And he is absolutely stylish enough to pull it off. With a mixture of classic menswear suiting staples, street style and unbuttoned-to-the-navel dress shirt bravado, Nishi has a visually powerful feed. For good measure, he also includes pictures with other stylish people around his home base of Osaka and a few shirtless gym selfies.

Brian C


As the visual manager for @unionmadegoods, Brain plays a big role in curating pieces, imagery, and style professionally. Personally, his feed is full of clean lines, vibrant, well tailored blazer-and-trouser combinations, and POV shots of watches, coffee, sneakers, and food. While I love a stylistically consistent feed, Brian’s variety in the crowded instagram menswear arena is refreshing.

Marquelle Turner


I really like Marquelle’s take on classic suiting. All his outfits are clean and sharp–he definitely has a good tailor–and his feed provides style inspiration for days. More than that, though, his recent work as the creative director of The New Stereotype, a campaign that works to create positive imagery of black men, has yielded some really amazing picture collaborations with other fashionable instagrammers (thanks in part to photographer @aqut). It’s much harder to find images of well dressed men of color, than it is to find, say, a bunch of white dudes. Menswear, like many things, is dominated by white men. Marquelle’s feed and work are a breath of fresh air in the field of men’s fashion. One to watch, for sure.

Steven Onoja


I love this dude’s style. He’s part of a growing contingent of Nigerian fashion bloggers who continue to dazzle with super slick, tailored suits mixed with traditional Nigerian clothing. He has a great eye for color and incorporates berets into his suiting with unexpectedly great results. Another thing I want to highlight is the quality of his photos. While many style gurus and menswear bloggers/models have really professional feeds, Onoja’s is consistently awesome–crisp, with moody, vintage tones.

Angelo Gallamini

AngeloGallamini-Natty.jpgGreat clothing? Check. Righteous beard? Check. More denim vests, fancy antique watches, and weightlifting than you have on your Instagram? Triple check. Angelo Gallamini, Creative Designer of Ermanno Gallamini Collection, is a creative force. His is the beard that other beards want to be when they grow up; His clothes weave a tale of mystery and intrigue; His face carries the secrets of stories only told by dim light. Well, maybe not the last one (at least, we can’t fact check it), but definitely the first two.

Again, we love stylish old men. We love their confidence and charisma, but mostly we love their ability to command greater respect and space than elderly people are able to achieve in most areas.  In fashion and menswear, age adds character, definition, and uniqueness. We hope to be this bold as we age (although Alex is out of luck in the beard department).



Focusing on queer style, DapperQ curates crisp images from top publications and feeds. You’ll find a variety of shots, from fashion to wardrobe to editorials and magazine covers. Devoted to defying gender norms, DapperQ highlights androgynous street style and fashion, adding much needed depth to “mens”wear. I would love to call it “humanswear” instead, but the search volume just doesn’t cut it.

Bottomline: Style isn’t just well dressed white men. We want to show a cross section of diversity, because good style is unique and at Natty, boldness and originality will always win out. With that said, we definitely missed lots of good accounts. And how could we not? Instagram is a virtual playground for the stylish, the eccentric, and the Notably Natty.

Let us know your favorite accounts below in the comments and they might make it into future update!

And as always: Celebrate bold. Be unique.

Your friend in fashion,



The Fit: The Lapel Pin

The Fit: A Blog Series

Get in where you “fit” in!

The lapel pin has become a trend, maybe even more so a phenomenon in men’s fashion. And it’s only been in existence (in this form at least) over the last few years. Lapel pins started out as just that, a pin worn in the lapel notch on sports coats/blazers/suit jackets. Now, they’re ever evolving. You will see them worn on sweaters, cardigans (don’t know what it is, we’ll discuss them later in the series), outerwear jackets etc.

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The lapel pin is an item of clothing in menswear that I thought wasn’t going to last long. Of course, it took me a while to jump on the lapel pin bandwagon, mostly out of fear that I didn’t know what I’d look like with one and I didn’t want to feel like a “trendy” person. But, when I finally did wear one, it hit me exactly why they are so popular and maybe even less trendy than I thought. Lapel pins have truly become a staple in menswear and I think it’s safe to say they’re here to stay. They are a subtle accessory that men can wear without feeling like their doing “too much” but can still incorporate a bit of their own personal style. And, most of all, lapel pins are small enough that they don’t overshadow an outfit and provide just enough of an edge to make an outfit that much more interesting. Now keep in mind that this was written before the Met Gala where some of entertainment’s best dressed donned them accompanied by sharp and well tailored tuxes (slideshow above). But is that celebrity endorsement validation or what? I thought it to be validation enough to make a Facebook post about it. Anyway, here are a few ways to wear your lapel pin:

Don’t be afraid to create you own unique way of wearing them and as you discover what works for you let us know how it goes. We’d love to see how y’all are rocking them!

Check out some lapel pins by Natty Neckware

Until next time…stay Natty!