Spring Looks to Make Your Own

Scrolling my feed on one of the popular social media platforms I use regularly (Instagram , Facebook), I came across an article from The Cut with Spring looks for men. Men’s 2019 Spring Looks Of course I’m intrigued, so, I open the article not expecting to be inspired by any of the looks. Well, I was wrong, and now, I’m sharing the article with you. All the looks are quite dope (also read: nice) and fitting for different occasions. The article references pieces from higher end brands but please believe, these looks can definitely be replicated on a more budget friendly income. But as I’ll always say, use these looks to be inspired, step out of the box and try something new this spring and summer. Wear it the way you want and own it!!! Want some help with your spring/summer wardrobe, shoot me an email at: marcus@nattyneckware.com

The Cut: 4 Men’s Looks for Spring and Beyond

Until next time, stay Natty…


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