It’s About Damn Time…

giphyIt’s about damn time…YEP, I feel the same way. It’s been awhile, a long while, to be exact, a two year while. I can’t say I have the best reasons but, life happens and that’s where I’ll keep it. Life is and has been full of twists, turns, ups and downs but that’s what makes it great, right? So, a little of what’s been happening with life, first, I re-entered the field of public health research in mid July 2016. Taking on this position was exciting because of the research I thought I would be getting into, but of course that meant less time for creating. Second, in late 2016 I started as a consultant with a creative consulting company. This too was an exciting venture because I would be working alongside some pretty dope creative entrepreneurs/artists and this opportunity would really allow me to use my experience in design while exposing me to new projects that could further expand my creative capacity. Thirdly, in January 2017 I started as a developmental partner and cofounder of a digital health startup. Again, exciting because I would be using my experience and expertise in research in a sector of the business world that I’m passionate about and truly lacks equity for certain populations, and has for quite some time or forever. I mean, what kind of entrepreneur would I be to not take this opportunity to do something I believe can make our communities and our world a better place. Lastly, not thinking I was doing too much, I thought I’d co-found local running group. As an avid runner, that again saw a lack of inclusiveness and diversity in the sport, I thought what better time to start a running group than now. All these ventures are amazing and collectively are personal passions of mine but these ventures combined with the new job took me completely away from Natty Neckware and all the complexities that come with operating a small apparel accessories brand. It’s now September 2018, I’m no longer working as a full-time public health researcher (this could change again very soon) and I have stepped down as a consultant with the creative consulting firm. My responsibilities as cofounder of the digital health startup (Digital LinCS), however, have increased immensely, which is very exciting and the running group (Rebull Running) is literally off and running [pun intended], but my focus is also back on Natty Neckware. I’m more inspired to build, learn, create and move this brand in a direction that I have only dreamed about. I want to grow Natty Neckware into a brand that will be known for years to come. A brand that will support workers and build other entrepreneurs. A brand that will help create more equity and sustainability within the fashion industry. I’m back and bringing Natty Neckware back like I never have before because…it’s about damn time!!!

Until we meet again…stay Natty!


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