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There’s something new on the horizon at Natty Neckware.


So, this post isn’t exactly about a specific topic, like my previous posts. This one is more of an introduction into something new that I’ll be adding to Natty Neckware which in my opinion, will make the brand even more invaluable. This something new has been suggested by several of my fashion forward friends as well as some of my not so fashion forward friends (I love them all the same either way). This something new would be an addition to my products but not really new to me because I’ve done it in the past. This something new did not come to mind naturally, even with past experience. This something new, was not an easy decision to make. I can say that with honesty because the first time it was suggested was a few of years ago, how ironic (if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll understand) and I’ve been getting that same feedback ever since. This something new is a service. This something new will bring a new perspective to men and menswear. Okay, I may be taking it a little far but let me live a little. This something new is…Style Architecture, commonly known as personal styling. Let’s build a “blueprint” for your personal style.  

With some brief thoughts and conversations, I saw style architecture as something that comes relatively natural to me. If asked, I immediately jump into “stylist” mode and start with my suggestions or ways to improve an outfit or lack thereof. So, here we are! The initial services I will be offering are below.

Services can be used in accordance with the purchase of our products or as a standalone service. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me via email:, on our Facebook page or through the contact page on the Natty Neckware website. Service will officially debut in April. 


“Building a blueprint for your personal style”




Shop Your Closet

$50 – 1 hour

$25 for each additional hour

Closet full of clothes and still “nothing to wear”. Get the most out of your closet. It’s more in there than you think.

Special Event Styling

$28 – $50/hour Interviews, Weddings, Dates, Proposals, Engagements

Style Architecture Consultation

$25/hour Building a blueprint you want for your image and personal style

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Strength. Courage. Wisdom.


Strength. Courage. Wisdom. All terms for inspiration, encouragement, motivation and more. They’re even in a song by the artist, India Arie. Side note, If you haven’t heard it, check it out  the audio video below and let me know what you think. So, what inspired me to talk about these words? Well, because I was listening to Pandora and this song ( “Strength, Courage and Wisdom”) came on while I was at work. At that moment listening to it wasn’t initially special, I’ve heard the song many times. But oh, was I wrong. I kept listening and there was something different about it this time. I actually heard the lyrics and for the first time let them resonate. So much so, I stopped working for a few seconds and intently sat with the words that she was singing. Some of the lyrics read like this:


“Strength, Courage and Wisdom

It’s been inside of me all along

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Inside of me”

Pretty simple huh? The rest of the song supports the lyrics wholeheartedly. She talks about stepping out on faith and showing her face (paraphrasing) but the lyrics are just dope and hold so much truth. A truth that I have been told for many years, many times by many different people. But there is something about music and in that very moment those words caught me and even held onto me. As the lyrics lingered in my mind I really heard what she was singing and what so many others had told me prior to this moment. YOU (I Marcus) have everything inside you to do what you need, want, and have to do. Strength, courage and wisdom are some of the things that I have needed and continue to need on my entrepreneurial journey. I’m a runner and these words also explain much of what’s needed for long distance running. Entrepreneurship requires endurance and is no cake walk, which I didn’t expect. There’s been many times when I’ve wanted to give up, not work so hard and not “be on” so much. But honestly, it comes with the territory. Being an entrepreneur is not meant to be easy. It takes embodying all of these words everyday, several times a day. One needs the STRENGTH to say, okay, I’m going to try this and change the way in which I do this and see what the outcome will be. I need the COURAGE  to, step out of my comfort zone, talk with people I normally wouldn’t engage with and do the things I usually wouldn’t or maybe even shouldn’t (still legal, though, come on y’all). Lastly, using WISDOM to learn from my mistakes and failures while finding the positivity within them and using that for my favor in the future. These words have been a boon in continuing to build my personal brand and my business, Natty Neckware.

Strength. Courage. Wisdom. All things we already possess within…we just have to dream, go, believe and DO.

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Until next time, stay Natty…


The men’s white button up…really necessary?

overcoat-shawl-cardigan-dress-shirt-original-552 jewelsuit1

It’s considered boring, basic, plain even yet it’s crisp, classic and definitely a must have in every man’s wardrobe. What am I referring to you ask? The the incomparable white button up shirt. Many don’t recognize the significance of the white button up because it’s become so deeply integrated into our fashion culture. It’s been around for years, decades, generations…dating back to the early 19thcentury to be exact. However today we won’t delve into a textiles history lesson but instead converse about how important this item of clothing has been and I’m assuming will continue to be in the realm of men’s fashion. It has “rich” and elitist beginnings but is currently very much the norm worn by the everyday man or is it? If it’s not in your wardrobe or your man’s wardrobe (for my women readers) it most definitely should be. The versatility of the white button up does something for ensemble that most other colored shirts cannot do which is remain both timeless and always on trend.

Screen-Shot-2013-02-10-at-8.02.02-PM BAFTA-Men-1

How can it be used with your personal style choices? It can be worn as a stark contrast with a jet black tuxedo for “black-tie” events, formals and anything needing a “traditional” look for that matter. Additionally, it can also be simple and casual under a sweater accompanied with some dark denim jeans and a sports coat. There is magic to how this one item of clothing can be so versatile. Well, in my opinion, it’s because the white button up is, for a lack of better terms, a blank canvas. And we all know what can happen when we have white space in which to create…if not check out some of my artist friends and get ready to be amazed. (Gemynii, Candy Carver). In other words, there are no limits and you can construct your style however you desire. You could leave it basic or you can douse it with plenty of color accents or anything in between and still look great (remember beauty and art is in the eye of the beholder). The white button up shirt is a foundational piece of clothing which every man needs in his closet. Purely because it’s fresh, clean and can be made to illustrate your mood and energy feel for that day or other moments in time.

jewelsuit2-245x300 f97b5c8b6ff1da6a9b2ad24d4f2f5052


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