Notably Natty but why…

cropped-img_0901.jpgWhat’s up folks! I’m Marcus, Owner and Principal Designer of Natty Neckware, a menswear apparel accessories brand, based in Durham, NC. I’ve contemplated writing a blog for years. Yeah, you read that right, for YEARS. Why am I just now getting to it? Well, that will take longer to answer than I’m willing to write about but what I will say is, fear, self-doubt and life, in general, can take you places you never thought or even wanted to go. It’s been a long road arriving at this point, believe me I’ve been living it, but it’s been worth it. I’ve lived, learned, researched and dissected menswear and design principles. Now, I’m ready more than ever before. But it’s all part of the journey, right?!?!

 Why I’m here…to fulfill a desire, a want and a need in the menswear industry. With a specific focus on great innovative design, craftsmanship and products “Made in the U.S.A”. 

 What I offer…myself, with authenticity, honesty and a keen sense of personal style or what I like to call “nattiness”.

 The menswear apparel industry is going through a metamorphosis of sorts. It’s becoming an ever evolving industry that is competing with the womenswear market. So much so, that this past summer (Summer 2015) New York City held it’s first ever ‘New York Fashion Week – Men’s’ (NYFW-Men’s). This is a fashion event, much like the renowned New York Fashion Week, except this one was exclusively dedicated to menswear designers. The most recent NYFW-Men’s was just this past week. Menswear is on the come up and you should be here for it. 

 So, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m here for menswear. At my brand, Natty Neckware, we are in the midst of a transformation where we intend to breathe new life into design philosophies with our own twist on men’s apparel. We are getting back to our core principles: creativity, great design, style, innovation and community. We are evolving and building a brand that is something everyone can be proud of. 

 This blog will contain more than just things about my brand. Future content will be a mix of all things stylish, cool, eccentric, eclectic and more!  I hope you can come along for the ride or watch from a distance but in all that you do…keep it Natty!

 Until next time, stay Natty…


2 thoughts on “Notably Natty but why…

  1. Tuvara Madison

    My hubby was just talking about how menswear needs some more voices and revitalization! Thank you for putting your personal “nattiness” into the art and conversation.


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